Friday, September 01, 2006

My Dumb Ass Action of the Month


Setting up an electronic transfer of funds from my checking account to the marriage/future family money market fund, I mistakenly pick my account from Boston.

It has something like $6 in it.

I tried transferring $100 from it

Couldn't cancel from the requesting end so had to contact the bank with barely any money in it. They originally told me that it would cost $20 to have them do a stop pay.

While discussing the situation, however, I mentioned that I wouldn't mind closing the account, if that would avoid the stop pay cost. The customer service rep typed away a little bit then said that they would do the stop pay and waive the fee.

I have the feeling that they waived the fee for customer service purposes. I have patronized their bank for about 6 years now and used to have a bunch of accounts there. Now I have one account left, and who knows if I would consider coming back to them if that account gets closed. With that account open and if I move back to Boston, I may just open more accounts with them at some later date.

Some crafty customer service there. Have to give that bank some credit.


Mystery remains over return of Munch's 'The Scream'

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