Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Plate of Time

(The title of this entry comes as a parody of the character, The Oracle of Time, first introduced to me in Dune: Hunters of Dune. It might have been mentioned before in one of the first six Dune novels, but I can't remember at the moment.)

Anyway, I've got a lot on my plate along with some buyer's remorse. My schedule looks like this for the next couple weeks:

Weekdays 8-4:30 (commute not included) -- Work

Tomorrow night from 9ish to very late -- Nomeansno concert

Thursday night -- Dinner with friends

This weekend -- Fiancee's younger brother and fiancee in town

Next Friday -- Tortoise concert, attended with fiancee

Next Saturday -- Possibly go to a non-Blue Green Resorts time share tour, in which marketers got my contact info from a stand at an event where Blue Green stationed me

Friday after that -- Having some people over to play Munchkin

The Saturday after Munchkin playing -- Fiancee and I go to see Josh Wink just down the street

And right, church on Sundays.

My buyer's remorse comes from spending nearly $100 on those concert tickets, taking the fiancee out for a horse drawn carriage ride and dinner and celebrating my finding a job that pays me more than a living wage.

I'm not really worried about spending the money, though. Except for a small bit of it, I set it all aside for spending on fun stuff. I also think I deserve all this fun after struggling to find myself a living wage and such. Sure, I still need to get the job permanently, but this is a good start, and I don't see myself getting canned or anything.

Besides, I plan on applying for the job the moment I get some free time, like this Saturday afternoon or something. I have applying to Fannie Mae as the next major task on my list. I've got to have some fun first, though.

But it's not all frivolous fun, though. I've done tons of work on my bachelors project. In the last couple weeks, I've written about 14 or 15 first draft pages, 3 1/2 of those pages on Sunday. I figure the first draft will get done the next time I do a major writing binge. Then I can move onto the sixth and last paper, do bunches of research, write some in the novel and go back to the beginning, again, to rewrite then revise it all.


And thanks, again, folks for the support on the crazy woman I tried to book on a tour for Blue Green. I'm doing a pretty good job moving past her with the help of my frivolous and not so frivolous fun and the very engaging job at Fannie Mae, coordinating the production of contracts then processing them so they look nice and easy to read.

Once I get all this fun and some other chores out of the way, I'll try to write some other stuff on this here blog other than personal stuff.

After all, writing a page for the bachelors project only really takes an hour out of my day. . .boy, do I look forward to being able to dedicate whole days, 9-5 5 days a week to writing. I'll get bunches of pages out then and get to learn about a whole bunch of stuff. Lots to do before that, though.

For instance, going to bed ASAP. If I'm to make it over the next couple days, I need to get as much as sleep as possible.

Goodnight, readers!

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