Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Still Darned Busy

The title really about says it.

Finished day 20 of my 23 day working marathon.

Done with Blue Green Resorts. Do I still need to make the disclaimer that my writing doesn't represent the opinion of the company?

They treat me well at Fannie Mae. So well, in fact, that I plan on applying for a permanent position once I find the time and energy.

Not too many thoughts going on in my head. Well, there's some thoughts but nothing I want to present to the general public.

Finished reading The Hottest State by Ethan Hawke, which apparently has become a film, too. It ended well and gave me a great revelation, but Hawke's storytelling skills could use some work. Great sense of the characters, even the immature main character, but the character development and tension needed a good amount of work. Only the characterization kept me reading. The plot, however, didn't really get me until the end revelation, which was a good one for a guy to know.

But yeah. . .I get my first day of rest in a couple days, and on a weekend, at that! My first weekend off in about a month or so. Woohoo! Maybe I'll write some more then.

And right, when I can get to the bachelors project, I'm doing some good work on it. Still feels as if it has written itself, despite the need for revision at some later date. Coming out not that bad, though.

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