Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pretty Busy

By the way, I've gotten darned busy, working two jobs. Hardly have time outside of work to think anything inspiring.

Today was day 12 of my 22 day working marathon, I believe.

Going out last night until midnight and having a manhattan without any bitters in a pretty big glass probably didn't help me have a good day today. The onion rings probably didn't help much, either. and caused some sad belly this morning.

I don't think the drink and the work marathon helped me one bit with having a good time last night, either. Nothing against the company. My body, mind and spirit just didn't want to have a good time.

On a good note, though, I prevented a good amount of deep useless worrying caused by my brain trying to stimulate itself and create order. Silly brain, needing some cognitive training every once in awhile. When will you learn?

Well I had better get going, have dinner then get to bed. It's after my bed time. =(

1 comment:

Kasia said...

you go to sleep before 9PM??? wow! actually i guess it depends if the post is registering EST or Central time...