Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Scattered Thoughts

I eat "too healthy" for my own good. To avoid tension headaches and stay hydrated, I have to drink water with salt mixed into it. Who else in this country needs to add salt to their diet to stay healthy and avoid pain?

Might've stumbled on a dietary regimen to deal with my ADHD, which might have a contribution to my tension headache that I had last night and the night before. I can also blame the near non-stop running around and socializing for nearly a week or so, though.


After two years, I've finally finished the first draft of the second to last paper for my bachelors project. I've come up with some good ideas that I'd like to address someday but not right now. Too scatterbrained and having a hard time gathering the thoughts.

On a silly side note: The two people I've told about getting close to finishing this first draft thought I was planning my own bachelors party. What's up with that?


Yesterday, I thought about my philosophy about efficiency. I mainly vie for efficiency to cut down on the overall energy it takes to complete tasks. This cutting down on energy can include anticipating expectations of other people and possibly doing more work than someone else might do, themselves. If a job gets done well and efficiently, then there doesn't have to be too much time wasted communicating with other people, working to re-learn stuff or dedicating time to figure out my own way of doing something.

I've been known to do things my own way, though. Inefficiency usually happens for me when I don't have the first clue about something, want to learn more about something or enjoy doing something.

I don't have too much of a problem taking the long route to get somewhere or even working with a longer process than is taught to me. In those cases, though, I still do it for the sake of enlightened laziness. I just so happen not to always see other people as reliable. They may decide not to do something, found an error in their own past work on which I depend and all sorts of other matters.

The whole central feature of this form of laziness depends on the enlightened part of it. I do work efficiently or slack off because I know, in the long run and in the big picture, it's probably not worth my time or anyone else's for me to rush into something, only to have the situation change, which would force me to do it all over again or just scratch the effort because the other person has decided to do something else.


I can't even pay attention enough to think straight. Very annoying. . ..

Hopefully things will come together after things slow down and I don't have so much to do. That would be nice.

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