Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reckoning and Developing

Have to say, working at Fannie Mae has become one of the least productive but one of the most fulfilling jobs I've ever had. I haven't done too much this week, even though someday, when I get my pin number and password for the computer system, I will take part in making it easier for less priveleged people to own homes and, overall, help make homebuying less expensive for everyone, including me.


As the day of the wedding grows closer (approximately 10 months = 300 days = 7200 hours = 432,000 minutes = 25,920,000 seconds from around this moment), I've started realizing how much I'll need to live for more than just one. Not to say that I haven't lived reponsibily for one, but living even responsibly for one when two people have become one really just won't work. Being something of a miser just won't cut it.

Reading a little about the Ethics of Care today in a book about political philosophy and thinking my bachelors project (which has begun focusing on the importance of peer support in communities and without it, people lose that sense of meaning in and with the community.

Pretty much, the fiancee and I will solidify our community in about 300 days, and we have a responsibility to support each other and to an Ethic of Care. We will take some vows, and I plan on making damn sure I can keep them (while also giving myself the tolerance to accept my failings, if my failing happens because of ADHD-type issues).

I bet I'll probably write a bit about this stuff as the day draws closer. . ..

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June said...

You're sounding an awful lot like a Catholic with all of this talk about solidifying your community.

Don't tell Michi!