Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Confessions of an Elitist: FEAR

Woke up late and spent the day researching temp agencies and sending resumes.

I had the fortune of one of them calling me back with some frank edits, criticism and questions. Pretty cool, her being frank, even if it concerned cliche criticism of my life: finish school and get my degree. I won't even get into it because I think most of you know the story.

Sadly, my current temp agency called me with a great sounding assignment for tomorrow. It didn't go anything beyond stuffing envelopes, answering phones and other such stuff, but it would have been at a publishing company. Seemed like a great opportunity to network and get some exposure to the publishing world. Unfortunately, I have shift for Blue Green (and make sure to remember: any and all opinions I express regarding anything to do with Blue Green are my own and don't reflect the views of Blue Green).

Yesterday sucked a little, but we got something great out of it: working air conditioning for the car. I had to drive all the way out to Schaumburg to get it done at an affordable price. Got to experiment with a great new route and had to drop off stuff at work, anyway, so it provided me with a good excuse for doing those little, important things.

But yes. . .working air conditioning!!!!!

We got to catch up some TV last night, too, but by the end of the night, I felt kinda exhausted yet hyperfocused to the point of frustration because it lead me into another useless corner for the project.

Some ruminations, conscious or unconscious found a new compromise and direction to go, though, which could provide some good results. I, essentially, will need to pare down my ambitions and expect that the interesting stuff will get presented on their own.

The personal stuff has stopped following any necessary logical progression, so I'll move onto the main topic of the blog these days:


"Eitism", of a certain type, revolves back to fear, in my opinion. I'm not referring to the type of
"Eitism" in which someone refers to the People then comes up with legislation, rules and laws contrary to their self-interest. I want to address that version later because there can be a place for that kind of "Eitism".

For now, though, I think altruistic but "hypocritical" "Elitism" revolves around fear. I believe that I fit this category, whereas David Korten transcended this kind of "Eitism" when he left his conservative community then went to foreign countries.

He really earns my respect with his overcoming of his fear, too. Unlike other people who travel to foreign countries and instinctively judge the United States the best place on Earth without any critical thought, Korten doesn't hold himself back from seeing the damage that corporations have done to the world outside of the United States (and probably a good deal of social damage inside it, too). After, they might be multi-national corporations, but where do they usually start and from where does the attitude of profit before people come?

So from Korten's conservative example, we can see that hypocritical "elitism" doesn't just originate in the hearts of liberals. Mmmmmmmmm, actually, maybe I should take that back. "elitist" conservatives aren't necessarily hypocritical. They have the arrogance to not critically think about the benefits of different ways. On the flipside, though, they don't have the hypocrisy to compliment a way of life with one hand then try to better the lives of those people with the other hand. They just observe the Other then beat it upside the head with their sledgehammer of "reason" and a better way of life.

As I said, I think these negative forms of "elitism" come from fear. I honestly haven't thought much about the conservative "elitism" that much, so I don't have many thoughts on their fear.

Since I have personal experience as a liberal elitist, however, I think that I can shed a little light on that form of fear. I believe it starts with fear of bodily harm.


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