Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Serial Topic: Supporting the Troops but Not the Administration

Working at the mall again today (originally written on the Palm Friday). A lot of sailors walking around. They have just graduated from training school. One of them told me that the school has graduation every Friday.

I have to say: these kids look YOUNG!! They look like they just turned 17 or 18! This young, and we send them off to war. What are we thinking?! Or maybe I should ask: what aren't we asking?

CORRECTION: I don't think the kids I see today can get sent off to Iraq or Afghanistan today or anything. One of them just let me know that he starts 12 weeks Corp. training tommorrow.

But then I think to myself: “Most of these kids believe that they're doing the right thing." I won't demur to the whole they have the right to do what they believe is right in this case argument. I can't stop anyone from going, mind you. I'm also too fearful to get into a conversation with one of them about the whole thing, especially while working.

Nonetheless, my "elitist” doesn't stop me from questioning, trying to understand and even reconcile my beliefs with reality or bring reality closer to my beliefs. And, you never know, I might actually overcome my fear enough to talk to someone of different beliefs with exposure to other realities and situations. By critically thinking about this stuff, I may get the motivation to shed my fear and open my mind.


Dawn said...

We do send kids who are 18 off to war--we do now, and we have in the past. That seems unlikely to change. But I think it would be interesting to get into a conversation about war and the administration with a new recruit (probably not while working though)--the perspective should be thought-provoking at the very least.

Dawn said...

By the way, I do recommend doing some traveling--go to foreign countries in a capacity that will allow you to get to know the people in that country and how they live (i.e. not on a 10 cities in two weeks tour). It's invaluable for gaining an understanding of how the world works.