Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Absence and More Confessions (Without Hyperlinks)

I've had a hectic last few days, working a couple different jobs.

Something I've gotten to learn in the midst of it: commuting for hours at a time without air conditioning SUCKS. Commuting, in general, sucks, when it takes 3 hours out of the day and about a quarter tank of gas.

Why do they have things so far apart in Illinois, anyway?


I won't approach the epistemological topic unless the Muse takes me there. As fascinating and potentially useful topic as it is, I didn't mean to breach the topic. Hopefully it doesn't become vital to the topic. I fear it might hold a vital key to the divisive issues of today.

So I'll go back to the topics of hypocritical liberals, race and fear. Maybe I should just the topic of the Northeast in the United States.

I'll start with an observation that I've heard. Dealing with racism in the South can be easier than dealing with it in the North. People in the South express it much more openly. In the North, racism has a more passive-aggressive edge to it along with emotionless systems that can do wrong.

Not so sure about the systematic part, but a black friend of agreed with the observation. He also re-affirmed the Spike Lee dramatic statement, in Boyz in the Hood, about black people not really helping out by shooting each other and fighting, not even bothering with the white man - ouroboros, if you will, the snake that twists around so much that it eats its own tale.

See, the issue of race relations has some root causes in economics and geographic segregation. If people in the North don't see or interact with people different or less fortunate, they can ignore the issue.

Liberals may try pay lip service these Others, but when they government money toward solutions that don't work and don't live or expose themselves to the Other, we can see the epistemological issue and why Conservatives label Liberals elitist and hypocritical. Though they may attack for political reasons, their argument has some basis to it.


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