Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally. . .The Announcement

I told the news to the person I needed to tell. I can now release it to the public:

I've engaged myself into a job transition. Through one of my temp agencies, I got a temp-to-perm assignment at Fannie Mae, supposedly proofing leases. The assignment starts tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've given Blue Green two-weeks notice for my resignation, effective at the end of the day on September 10, 2006. This arrangement means that I will end up working a little more than 15 days straight without any days off. After this stretch, though, I'll have weekends off to spend with the fiancee and take on other projects.

Some other perks:

+ Better and more reliable pay
+ Shorter commute
+ Commute on public transport, so I can read and not have to worry about traffic
+ About 2 weeks of not worrying about the job search, even though I'll still work on networking
+ Getting out of work early, even though I'll have to get into work early and
+ Possibilities to meet people for lunch and after work downtown.


The actual event of announcing my resignation went along kind of unexpectedly but cool enough.

It happened after a staff meeting. Immediate manager and I went into another room ostensibly for another task. I quickly made the announcement to him and handed him my letter of resignation. Not even a pause, he said, "Cool. Wow. . .this is so professional. Hey guys! Check this out. . .he's resigning, but he wrote a letter about it.

"Is that what that call this week was about?"

"Yeah," I said, "Cool? Huh?"

"Oh yeah, well, most people when they quit from here, it's more like 'I QUIT!' then they run away."

Mind you, this guy probably ranks up there as one of the best managers I've ever had, and Blue Green turns out to be a real cool company. The job just involves a lot of commuting, can get repetitive and has a lot of potential for frustration if you don't make a lot of appointments.

And honestly, from my experience, a lot of people in the world just don't have the mettle to realize that success requires hard work and not slacking (even though I won't stop myself from taking an easier job for more money, just because it requires more knowledge, specialized knowledge and patience).

Albeit, I just about quit that job a couple times. I almost did it once because I doubted the integrity of the company, but Blue Green, through the mouth piece of my manager, regularly and without stop impressed me. They care about quality, their word and keeping customers happy.

Second time, I almost quit out of frustration and self doubt. My manager gave me a great pep talk and gave me tons of great advice. He also showed me a lot of confidence in me that not many people in the past had before. Not only as my first manager in Chicago who has made my transition here a lot smoother, but this guy really ranks up there as probably one of the top three managers I've had in my whole life. He might even rank up there, if we stay in contact after this job, as a highly influential person in my life.

But yeah, seriously. . .I never had such an easy time springing bad news on someone before in my life. Kind of pleasant, for once.


So, I've been on both Friendster and MySpace since probably 2001, I believe. I've always liked Friendster better. MySpace has always scared me because I:

+ Never could get used to the user interface and

+ The anarchy, lack of user verification and lewdness always made me wary.

Now I'm thinking that I might start accepting as many random people as possible as MySpace friends. Some of you may not know, but I use my blog there as a way to promote the Lextopia. Accepting friends at MySpace could make my readership increase quite a bit.

Thoughts or ideas about accepting as many MySpace friends as possible?

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I thought the announcement was that you were pregnant!!!!!!!!!