Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm feeling all strange right now.

Woke up without too much of a sore throat and had no trouble talking.

Didn't have to take a nap during the day.

Had to blow, blow and blowwwwwww my nose all the day long.

The day went by pretty quickly, too. Very different from my other sick days, where the days took a good amount of time to finish. I miss the slow, relaxing days. . .but I also really want to get back into the groove of real life, interact with people and feel like I'm accomplishing stuff.

Today actually started as a good "accomplishing stuff" day. Folded some laundry, washed some dishes, finished some preliminary financial paper organizing stuff, bought a new book to read from down the street (and getting a good deal on it because of a loyalty program that gave me a discount).

Getting sick does do a number on my motivation, my meta-motivation thinking, my conceptions of time and, on another level, my long term planning. I don't totally know how to approach the topics, but it has a lot to do with giving myself the OK to let go, sit back and just relax.

In the back of my head, whenever I give myself permission, my long-term goals come to something of a fore. Being sick gives me opportunity to totally take it easy, but I just get a combination of bored and frustrated that I don't move forward on my projects and get deeper into topics that interest me, which will allow me to move even more forward and even fall deeper into my interests.

But right now. . .somewhat tired and having more trouble than usual focusing.

I should get moving on toward sleep.

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