Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Want Bush to Succeed at Getting His Bachelors Degree

Another day at the 8 to 4:30 grind. Don't have a workstation or network password, so I couldn't do anything more than file and use the paper cutter. Not bad for the wage I'm getting, and much much better than working in outpatient emergency reception with computer access but not enough training to use their system, so I have to bother the only other reception person during the busiest parts of the day.



Last night, finished up a somewhat long outline for my current paper, the one I've been working on for two years. . .just trying to come up with an angle that I could argue. The outline came out to 9 pages, but I doubt I'll use all the information in it. If anything, I had to write all of it just to put it down on paper and get my mind thinking in something resembling an organized manner.

Spent about an hour today writing the first written page of the paper. Had to pause a couple times to gather my thoughts, and it hasn't come down into the prose as I originally intended. I don't plan on thinking and overly organizing it while writing the first draft, though. For now, I just want to get the first draft down. I feel all excited, though.

Oh yes, Abel, I wish both my sponsors agreed on the get the Plan done at all costs, no matter the quality. In a way, I like that I had to go through all this trouble so as to learn and understand every thing that I do now. On the practical pragmattic level, though, I would like to have my bachelors degree now. Can't change the past, though, so why bother dedicating too much energy to it.

Onward and henceforth!


As a Stupid Question. Dang it! Fox News pisses me off. Anyone who has been in legit market research or social research phone studies knows better than to ask a vague question that could be used for ANY angle. Now the Republican news pundits have decided to use it to spread the "news" that liberals will do anything to screw George Walker Bush, including hurt the national interest of our own country.

Screw them.


Today, I did some thinking about a disagree a friend and me had the other day about people like Bono (even though, after reading the Wikipedia article about him, I may just have to re-think my position) and Angelina Jolie ( who doesn't come out nearly as bad as Bono).

Basically, my friend thought it was pretentious for non-politician celebrities to get involved in politics. Same goes with Bill Gates. He would even look at me as being pretentious if I became famous and rich because of my writing career then got involved in politics.

I have argued that these people seem to be doing some (maybe a lot) good with their fortunes and time. Barring Bono, I still believe this argument.

After some thinking today, though, I did a lot of thinking about politicians and law. I didn't come to any conclusions other than I would like to study more the history of law, the philosophy of law and how law acts as a way to codify tradition.

Thinking about all that stuff involving law and some other things really struck it home how much I want to know, potentially want to know, do and how much I don't know how to figure out how to approach all these diverse topics.

Kind of annoying, considering that it has taken me more than 10 years to reach the point where I'm at with my bachelors project. I really will need to find someone, whether a personal/ADHD coach or therapist to come up with some plans, tactics and strategies to approach these issues.