Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not Even Sick?

My brother deserves some credit for realizing that I may not have a cold or any kind of infection. I may have just found myself suffering from allergies. "Go figure. . ." he would say.

Can't say for certain one way or the either, but he probably knows best out of most people I know, being an EMT and dealing with similar allergies, himself.

He told me to go out and get some allergy medicine. I did so and took one of the shorter duration antihistamines. Tomorrow, before work, I'll try a 24-hour dose.

Otherwise, I did a couple chores here and there around the house. Still have a couple more to do.

Also worked a little on my bachelors project, which takes some interesting directions, even though I'm not satisfied that I have the necessary information to continue. I think the fact that it writes itself, even with my doubts, means that I've gotten to a good point and follows the path that a lot of people tell me to follow, the one that doesn't have to be perfect. . .just done.

Then I also have some other news that I don't feel privvy to disclose to the public. Some people I have told because they're in my private circle. After I tell someone the news, though (which should be tomorrow), I'll let you, my readers, know the news.

Unfortunately, my brain hasn't made a full recovery, even with the antihistamines, so you won't find any reflections on much of anything.


Astronomers say Pluto is Not a Planet

Poor Pluto. This decision changes my view of the universe. Fortunately, I didn't have a very comprehensive view of it.

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Abel said...

On the bacehlors project, you've got it right, it has to be done, not perfect.

I had a great advisor for mine - the first thing he told me was "your objective with this project should be to get it done and out of the way as soon as possible". Thanks to that attitude, I actually finished the project in the time frame I was supposed to. :p