Saturday, July 29, 2006

Working Weekend


In the midst of a crazy weekend of work and errands. Thankfully, I doubled my booking total today at work. Such a feat, unfortunately, doesn't mean much when I only had 3 before today. Still pretty good, though, considering that for the last couple weeks, I didn't have any bookings.

Did some work on the bachelors project.

Compiled a list of mailing addresses for the fiancee, so she can send out some wedding documentation. Also sent a flurry of e-mails to ask for mailing addresses. With the wedding just shy of a year away. . ..

Yesterday, I also set up 2 days of temp assignment this week. I'll have a pretty busy week, too. Need money for the wedding, too. . ..


Not much to this one. Just feeling the need to say that I'll probably have to bring up some epistemlogical issues to discuss the whole liberals not consulting or ignoring the People when making law and policy.

Just a warning: This could get heavy.

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