Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Marketing Obselescence and "Elitism"

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Turns out that Baby, the little red 1994 Plymouth Neon, survives to live another day. She just had a loose wire connected to the battery.

I get to fetch her tomorrow from a garage in Schaumburg. I won't expect too much tomorrow for any kind of advancement in my career. Kind of like yesterday, when I went to the DMV to get my license but showed up too late.

Finally got the license today. They surprised me in a couple ways:

+ The test was really written, not digitized on a computer,

+ I had some difficulty with the test; it required some (which I did) good studying of the Illinois rules of the road and penalties for not following them and

+ They gave me the finalized license that day, rather than giving me a paper copy then sending me the final plastic version. Didn't take them very long. Every state in the Union should issue the final license the day of application.

Back to Baby, though. Even though this instance has turned out quite minor, the fiancee, owner of Baby, has decided to let her go and buy a more reliable car. Baby has served us well. At 12 years and 67k+ miles, though, she has started on the downhill slope to slight money pit. We need something more reliable, so we'll probably end up selling Baby to someone at my work and buy a younger, more reliable car.

We'll miss Baby, though. We will miss her. . ..


Today probably didn't work as the best day to go on a marketing blitz.

The last week really hasn't provided the most fetching reading for the general public. It works well for the people who know me personally or who have even been drawn into my personal dramas for some reason. With just one entry about news and one movie review, I don't know how well the blitz will attract and keep readers.

I have a small amount of fear that blitz may even turn off new or non-regulars to the point of not even checking out future marketing attempts. Ah well, I have the feeling that my more esoteric entries, may have the same problem, and I enjoy writing those a lot. I'd probably write those more often if I didn't have other drama and interests in my life.

Well, in the end, I guess only time will tell how well marketing blitzs and subject matter will affect my readership. Feel free to let me know your opinions on this matter by making a comment.


I don't necessarily fit the stereotypical role cast as the Northern (particularly, the Northeastern/New England elitist). I didn't go to Harvard. I'm not a lawyer. I don't necessarily argue blindly for all liberal and progressive causes. In general, I probably agree with a fair amount of them, but I like to look at them skeptically and challenge their validity rather than take them at face value.

Nonetheless, I can't abdicate myself totally from the label of 'elitist.' A couple events in my life have brought this topic to the fore for me.

1st event: One of the arguments I had with my future brother-in-law. He lives in Texas. I grew up in Massachusetts, went to a small liberal arts college in Vermont and, now, have settled down in Chicago, Illinois -- more accurately, the Boys Town village area. The future bro-in-law actually has a much more politically radical viewpoint than my skeptical liberal one.

Our argument, at the time, took two directions because of a point that he made and the point that I construed him making. He essentially brought up the "Bush, his administration and our government doesn't represent the people of this country" while I countered with the "Even though the popular vote was close, he won the last election, at the least, legitimately. Just because public opinion turned against him doesn't mean he didn't win the elction and doesn't represent us. It just turns out that public opinion simply had it wrong."


The fiancee has gotten out of her appointment. We have plans to see Clerks II.

I'll have to continue the elitist topic tomorrow or at my earliest possible chance.

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