Saturday, July 22, 2006

Situational Irony Turn of Events Regarding Work

So the manic depressive state of my emotions in regards to work could have something of a premature ending in which no one directly involved makes a decision.

The fiancee came back to the car today from the mall and discovered that it wouldn't start. AAA came, investigated, concluded that the problem originated in the starter then towed the car to a local garage. Unfortunately, the garage is in Schaumburg, so we'll probably have a small amount of trouble to do deal with it. We hear about the full damage on Monday.

Somewhat happily, not hearing about the car until Monday means no work for me.

Sadly, though, the fiancee feels inclined to scrap the car. When I took it to have the AC replaced, the estimate came out to approximately $700, more than the car's value. The fiancee didn't want to put that much money into a car that has already sucked up a good deal of money.

The starter will cost a couple hundred to replace. The fiancee believes the starter is really just the tip of the iceberg for this problem. Either way, she really really does not want to put more money into this car, with all the things that have gone wrong with it in just the last couple years. She just wants to be done with it and get a new used car.

All of which means that I won't have reliable transportation to Blue Green (compulsory warning: Anything I say in regards to Blue Green is my own opinion and not that of the corporation) Schaumburg. If any fellow employees have ideas, would like to help transport me back and forth (will help with gas money!), etc. etc., please let me know!!!!!

If fellow employees can't help, then I will have to discuss the situation with my boss. He has really treated me well, providing me with tons of advice and morale support. Even today, after having the urge to resign and letting him know about a major case of Event Marketing Blue Green angst, he gave me some advice about chilling out and not getting excited about the job. Last week, he gave me some similar advice about my discovery, but we didn't really address the playing it cool during the pitch, itself. Honestly, I don't think I've gotten down the chilling during the pitch yet, but if I get practice, I think I'll do some good ass kicking at it.

Unfortunately, after tomorrow, I don't know how much of a chance I will have to do so. Will have to see what happens with the car.

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Kasia said...

RIP Little Red Dodge Neon...