Saturday, July 08, 2006

Supermusician's Surprising Nondeath


I'll have to agree with Kasia about Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. She just didn't have the edge of Lois Lane that we saw previously, as portrayed by Margot Kidder. Personally, I think Courtney Cox would have pulled off Lois Lane SO much better.

Hmmmmmmm. . .how easy I get confused about when I read something from someone via 2 sources. My friend, who blogs at and with whom I communicate through e-mail, pointed out how much of a beating that Lois Lane got without breaking a bone, like in the beginning when she gets tossed around in the airplane.

I easily agree with my friend, but what about when that huge, solid metal door on the ship smashes her on the head? It should've killed her, in my opinion.

Similar kinds of survived beatings taken by regular human superheroes in the comics world annoy me a lot, too. Especially on the broadcast cartoon, Justice League, Batman and The Green Arrow should have both died numerous times throughout the 5 seasons of that show.


Working a lot this weekend. Minimal amount of socializing with future complicated family relations. Trying to sleep at good times and get enough of it.

I can't provide any details, but I want to just want my readers to know that in a couple weeks or so, I'll probably have a small announcement to make. Nothing to announce now, but something will probably get announced then.


Remember the last entry about the big discussion my future brother-in-law and I had about raising peoples' consciousness to trying changing their views?

In The Twilight of American Culture, Berman told the story of some fellow who taught the humanities to some ex-cons. 19 out of 20 of them, apparently, integrated themselves into mainstream life, became productive citizens and stayed out of jail.

On top of that, I remember reading, in the book, about people teaching the humanities to low income people and black people in poor neighborhoods and who didn't have much for career success and such. They had very similar results as the ex-cons getting taught the humanities.

Lesson learned: Teaching the humanities guides people toward better lives.

This lesson resonates as truthiness to me. I still feel the need to research more into putting together an argument for why everyone should care about increasing the consciousness and standard of living for unfortunate people. Again, I feel, in my gut, that we should do this. . .but, if I am to convince someone of the same thing, I believe that I will need to have more of a grokking of the whole situation, so I can come up with a good, original argument that I don't remember hearing anywhere else.


I haven't heard any of her music, but Dawn is a pretty cool chick. Check out her Website to see what I mean. Maybe we'll all get the chance to hear her music someday.

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Shaw Israel Izikson said...

I forgot about that huge metal door!!!!

Yet, a baddie gets killed by a piano....