Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random Recountings


Much toil yesterday and today. Brought the car in for an oil change yesterday. While there, they tell me the air conditioner system has a leak in it.

Today go into work for reprogramming. Pretty positive experience and increase in morale for the force. I also put into action the thoughts about strategy that I talked about the other day.

After reprogramming, I dropped the car off to get the AC recharged. They looked at it while I went home. Got a call about an hour later, telling me that it would cost $700 to fix, so I tell them not to bother. Baby, the car, isn't worth that much. We'll just have to get another car.

Missed the right bus stop to pick up the car. Eventually turned around to pick up the car. Got back home, having wasted something like 3 hours on errands.

Spent most of the night reading, which ended with frustration because it didn't necessarily help me get any closer to understanding utopianism any more than I did before reading it. I'll still try using some of information from the book to write an outline for my current paper.

Need to finish Anatomy of Criticism, but I wonder how much it will help me. Kind of feel good that it helped me to understand God Emporer of Dune a little more, but I'm still stumped on how to apply everything to utopianism.

Ah well, it's late. I'm tired. I should get to sleep.

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