Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life, Comics and "Elitism"


Happily, with the passing of car issues, I've had time to work on my resume. The thing has gotten a major make over, with the help of a high school friend who moved to the West Coast for his movie marketing career. You know who you are, kid.

Tomorrow, if I have some time, I'll replace my online resumes with it then send it to a couple temp agencies. My boss, unfortunately, hasn't provided me with my hours for next week, so I can't even set up an appointment with my current one temp agency. I want to supply them with my new, updated, resume then communicate my current goals with them.


Speaking with my boss, assisted him in training 2 newbies. I took the time, during his mandatory lecturing, to look over the training manual again. Looking at it during my resume edit, I found some good tips in it. I gleaned those tips and some others today. Also learned another thing or two during the training.

Surprisingly, while stressing that we all have our individual styles and that we need to use our own rather than anyone elses, he mentioned that I've used my introspective and deep style to get results. Really? I haven't noticed. Anyone have any tips on how I can do so.


Almost exactly a month after she had scary diarrhea, Miriya had it again a couple days ago. We took her to the vet yesterday morning. They said to give her the same anti-biotic medication for a little longer this time, feed her a specially made canned food, not to feed her treats for a month and observe how things turn out next month.

Poor girl. Poor pocketbook. Poor us for having to clean up.

Also poor me for being so tired yesterday morning that I smashed my forearm into a glass shelf that felt to the ground and smashed to tons of pieces. I got so angry about it right away that I smacked the wall and made a loud curse. My soul remains intact, but my forearm and thumb hurt somewhat.


Richard Pini's review of Comic Con.

Wendy Pini's review of a Gargoyles con.


Quick recap:

I introduced my "elitist" tendencies. I come from the Northeast, was educated in the Northeast then moved to the north Midwest.

Then I brought up a part of an argument my future brother-in-law and me had. He said that the government doesn't represent the People while I said that the People voted in the President and Congress while, through the many years, past and current Presidents and Congresses put into place the Supreme Court.

Race relations and a black and minority sense of spiritual poverty gets in the way of all the People voting.

Then I brought up the similarities and differences the life histories of me and David Korten, as he wrote in The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community. Our big difference lied in international travel; he has done it while I have yet to do so. My lack comes from fear.

My "elitism" also originates from fear. I believe even the "elitism" that the Republicans attack in the Northeast politicians comes from fear.

I had actively participated in an interesting political discussion group over at Yahoogroups that had a predominantly conservative bent to it. In fact, I had taken part in one before, also, but had to abandon it because it absorbed too much emotional energy and took me away from more important and immediate responsibilities of mine. The same thing happened on this list, too.

Anyway, this list provided me with some great opportunities to get some insight into the more reactionary and conservative frame of mind. As much as I disagreed with both the views and rhetoric of some members of the list, they all good hearts, in the end.

So they enlighted me on the reactionary perspective of "elitism" in Northeastern politicians. Essentially, it boiled down to: they're hypocrites because they promote governmental initiatives (that require taxing more fortunate people) and make criticisms of society based on making life better for the lower classes and minorities, but, but, but these Northeast liberals send their kids to private schools, have their families live in nice parts of town and, essentially, don't make sacrifices of their own to better the lives of these lower classes and minorities.

On top of that, these Northeast liberals try to put into effect governmental initiatives without consulting the People. Two instances of NE liberals doing so:

+ The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court allowing same-sex marriage then forcing the state legislature to make a law allowing same-sex marriage.

+ Vermont lawmakers create Civil Unions in spite of their consultations with the People.

So, essentially, the Northeast liberals are "elitist" because they want to make law without consulting the People or even living the life or the experience of the People that they want to influence.


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