Thursday, January 05, 2006

Same Crap, Different Day

I overslept this morning. I get to drive into work. Good thing I won't be late.

Last night, a friend from out of town stayed the night. The fiancee and I drive just outside of the other side of Boston (Malden) yesterday to eat at a steakhouse.

I'm an ovo vegetarian, practically vegan. I had three options on the menu, if really that many. I had to adapt.

My friend chose the restaurant. It's just like him. Even one of his friends who I hardly know felt bad for me. What a bastard of a friend of mine. . ..

He's great, though.

We got home late. I brushed my teeth with a new brush the dentist gave me yesterday. It allows me to get in between my teeth in ways that floss and regular brush never can. My mouth even feels cleaner after about seven hours of sleep.


Other than hanging out with my friend and fixing up my favorite Magic deck a little nicer, I kind of had that wasted time feeling. I would have rather spent my time working on my projects.

Having that feeling kind of annoys me, since the friend is a pretty close friend.

Nonetheless, I guess the just going out for a bite to eat with him, my fiancee and a couple of people I hardly know didn't provide me with tons of meaning. Nothing against them. . .I just think I'm in the midst of all these projects and searching for work when I get to Chicago and such. . ..

I find it annoying when I don't allow myself to enjoy my friends and getting to know new people more. It kind of encourages me to feel like a jerk or something.

Oh well. . .same crap, different day.

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