Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Destroying Our Lease for the Right to Live

Even though my thinking about climate change, the environment and our (spiritual) place in the world hasn't change, I've come up with a new way to phrase it.

The universe, the galaxy, the solar system, the world, the ecosystem, the region, the environment, the climate, all of that (and God) has given us a flexible lease on the right to live. With the rapid increase in climate change by our hands, we have begun reaching the end of our lease and have shortened the lease of other entities that depend on a certain type of climate. So basically, our lease on the right to life runs short because we destroy the elements that allows this lease to exist.


Kirk said...

The other thing is: the Universe doesn't owe us a living. If you don't think that we have a supernatural protection of some sort, then the Universe is full of weird things that can kill us...some scientist think that for thousands of years we've been travelling through a relatively harmless part of space, without some of the radiation and matter that would make other parts of the universe less friendly to living beings...but that could change.

This isn't to say that I'm not convinced we're not hastening the process, but still... the idea that Earth would be a Eden-ish natural paradise in perpetuity were it not for them meddlesome humans is incorrect. Not that you're neccesarily saying that, but still.

The_Lex said...

I agree with you that your possibility exists but I tend to disagree that the possibility you argue is necessarily the correct one. I can't say that we live in an Eden-ish natural paradise, but I can't discount that Universe has some kind of higher intelligence, that God exists or that even Earth has some kind of Gaea intelligence. The sure fire knowledge to know the true nature of things just doesn't exist to me.

I feel skeptical about both sides of thought, but I'm probably more willing to direct my action based on science. Unfortunately, we don't know everything, so our science can be wrong, which can lead to the destruction of the Earth, our habitat and possibly the universe someday in some kind of crazy sci-fi doomsday apocalypse.

So until we can prove without a doubt that God doesn't exist, intelligent design doesn't exist (after all, intelligent design, from my understanding of it, could work alongside evolution), some kind of diety exists, some kind of Universe or planety intelligence doesn't exist, evolution doesn't exist or vice versa on all the above, I willingly entertain and meld together the ideas at hand and will continue addressing them in allegorical formats.

For an interesting example of how such an allegorical format can lead to a productive exploration and understanding of the climate change situation, at least in my opinion, check out:

Because, after all, any communication and understanding of any of this phenomena must get filtered through human perception first, which can lead to plenty of fallacies in the first place.

Remember, we live in a postmodern world.