Monday, January 23, 2006

Routine Freaking Melt Down!

I've really fallen out of my Blog writing routine, huh?

I think I've got a good excuse, though. Thursday night, I decided that I would send out a resume and a cover letter. I sent a resume to an editor friend that I met with the night before but never sent out the cover letter. I didn't have one made.

Mind you, I originally intended to send them to a company I wanted to work for. After a couple hours of working on the resume and frying my brain, I decided I needed sleep. I couldn't not send anything out, though, so I just sent the resume to the editor friend.

Friday, I took a hack at the cover letter after spending the day unconsciously brainstorming what I would write. I come home, take a couple hours to write, realize that we have a lot of cleaning to do around the house then melt down because I can't write a cover letter about myself, let alone help clean the house.

I wake up freaking out the next morning, so I grab a bite to eat, go into my office then watch 7 episodes of Charlie Jade on my computer. Last Saturday, The Philosopher Queen (who doesn't really philosophize too much on her Blog) gave me some DVDs with the show on it and got me addicted.

Too bad they don't show it in the US. I really would love to get a bunch of geeks into the show then campaign the Sci-Fi channel to pick it up. They've only produced one season, so we wouldn't get too far behind if we caught on now. But it's the Sci-Fi channel. I guess they can only have one cool show on at a time.

Maybe I should give Battlestar Galactica a chance. I've heard a lot of good things about the show, even though the fiancee and I hated the first couple minutes of the pilot.

So anyway, I holed myself up in my office, wearing my bathrobe all day, in my office, not wanting to think about the job search or anything real life serious. I just wanted to watch the intrigue between three parallel universes.

I originally didn't want to go to the birthday party that night. I thought I would bring it down. For some reason, though, I ended up going. Something just clicked in my head.

The party turned out enjoyable. Had some good drinks and mexican food at a mexican restaurant then went over to the birthday boy's place for coffee, tea and whatever tickled people's fancy. No big exciting discussions or anything, just some good light, relaxing conversation. Even with coffee, I think the socializing helped me to calm down.

Next day, Sunday, I finish up watching the episodes of Charlie Jade that I have then go at the cover letter again.

The two of us feinted, thrusted, swung and just had an intense melee with each other until I tamed the beast. The fiancee had given me a good tip the day or night before. I had the cover letter the career counselor I saw made for me (it had some good parts and some bad parts). I had the Cool Careers for Dummies book.

My original idea and all these other things just blended together to formulate this cover letter that didn't say it all but probably said enough to get an interviewer to look at my cover letter.

I sent it off to McGraw-Hill then when the fiancee came home, we went grocery shopping.

So that's why I've gotten out of the Blog writing habit.