Saturday, January 07, 2006

Production is Imperative

Well, if I say so myself, I've done well today.

I woke up early enough to read a chapter in one my job/career search books, did some e-mail networking with people and worked a small bit on the copy for ClimateSAVE.

Before entering the evening activities of getting ready for a party and heading out to the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, I'll do a little research on McGraw-Hill to see how compatible we could be.

Unfortunately, no exciting developments for my audience except that I've realized that I'm unprepared for informational interviews. I'll have to work on that tomorrow night because I sent an e-mail to someone for one such interview Monday night.



Shaw Israel Izikson said...

what ya b scared of, Lex man?

Be yerself during the interviews....nothin' better.

The_Lex said...

Not saying I'm scared. I'm saying that I need good questions to ask about prospective industries and positions that I want to fill.