Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Despite Having a Professional Purpose, I Still Face Frustration


On the good note, while chatting with a friend last night, I came up with my professional purpose. It will provide me with a foundation for my job search and doing interviews. I will now have confidence in this endeavor of mine without thinking, "I'm want this kind of job because hey, it feels right."

Because honestly, what happens when that jobs feels wrong and it will most certainly feel wrong eventually if I just follow my feelings. Feelings don't stay the same. They become very vulnerable to every factor that we observe, from internal thoughts and conditions to our outside environment. Without a solid principle that guides me, my feelings would act as a tyrant over me, and I don't want my will bowed to a tyrant.

So my professional purpose, at least for the short term: "I want to practice communicating concepts in appealing language and rhetoric." The details of it may change with some more thought and reactions from other people. I'd actually like you, my readers, to provide some reaction so that I can refine this purpose and possibly make it easier to understand.

But alas, even though I've got this great purpose, I still face frustration. I want to lay down in bed about an hour and fifteen minutes ago. Instead, I ended researching more on the whole Tradable Renewable Certificate product that ClimateSave sells so I can write some great copy for them.

From what I've read, the certificate just says that someone should be using the money used to buy it for pretty much funding renewable energy generation. Sounds pretty good, but I just feel that something's missing, especially since the certificates have expiration dates and are called 'Tradable Renewable Certificates' within the industry. Why call them that when once bought, a consumer really can't do much with it?

So to try understanding the whole thing better than just what I believe the customer service people and the marketing materials would reiterate (I even checked with the marketing materials for the organization that acts as the certifier for the certificates. . .and they don't really say much other than what I've said above), I have asked the Conservation Services Group to supply me with the agreement or contract that they have with their customers upon the sale of the certificate.

If anything, should be an interesting venture.

And yet, an interesting venture won't provide me consolation tomorrow when I'm feeling exhausted, tired and slow in the head because I didn't get the sleep I wanted.

I feel like I should learn a lesson here. If only I knew what it was other than go to bed earlier.

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