Thursday, January 26, 2006

Playing with Despair

I feel good and affirmed, but I really should be in bed now. Goofed off a little too much, but I got some good preparation done for some competitive goofing off later. In other words, when I play Magic with the guys.

Now I have to get away from this computer, empty the litter boxes, clean up then slip into bed. Yay!

I just hope that I wake up easy enough tomorrow.


From an e-mail that I wrote to the fiancee:

On topic of play, I just read an essay about using play as a form of finding values, hypotheses and stuff like that. I think, in a somewhat dramatic way, all those times that I get frustrated about my thesis and despair over cover letters/resume and stuff, my mind is playing in its #%$#%#$ up kind of way. Really sucks that play, for my mind, comes out as despair and frustration. I will just need to find a way to play without all that emotion.

- In reference to J.G. March, "The Technology of Foolish," as printed in _Organization_Theory_:_Selected_Readings_ ed. by D.S. Pugh, Penguin Books (Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England 1985): 224-37.

Maybe I'll ramble a little more on this one later. And for those people who keep telling me to "just do it" with my Plan/thesis, I think this concept of "Technology of Foolish" and "Gathering Intelligence/Design Solution/Follow through on Solution" fits into my retort -- my mind likes to play and acts as a piece of "Foolish Technology."

Nonetheless, I think my mind gets influenced through affirmations/suggestions that I give it.

The human mind really does prove quite fascinating, if you ask me.

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