Monday, January 02, 2006

Feeling Better

Yeah, I'm feeling a little better now.

I had a pretty good New Year's weekend. Went out with a bunch of people Friday night for Italian food, had some friends from out of town stay the weekend, went to an interesting party on Saturday at an artist friend's loft then had a bunch of people over for brunch in our pajamas, hanging out and movie watching.

I had a pretty good conversation with an out of town friend (who got pretty excited that I called him "a friend from PA" on this Blog previously. . .immortalizing him on the Internet) about bitterness, work, etc. etc. Along with an e-mail thread going on with someone else who plans on a career search sometime, I realized that I have expected too much of myself and the meaning of this job for myself.

I also realized that I expect too much from customers at work. As much as I'd like them to look out for their own finances and such, I really need to accept that I can do only so much. Once I pass that line, they won't do it and they won't like our agency anymore and another agency may not show as much responsibility as mine. I just need to take a more passive aggressive approach when I try to take care of them.

I really need to just see the new job in Chicago as a flow of income until I get my writing career going. If the job ends up in a field that I enjoy, awesome. Otherwise, though, if I get that income and I can be myself at work, I'm good.

On another note, my friend from PA has dome cool points to make about stuff. I'd love to hear him commenting about stuff in the future. =D


I finished reading The Ender's Quartet. Awesome series.

I recommend everyone read the series. The last two books go a little slower, but I still read them quicker than the first two books. I kind of felt an obligation.

Finishing all four of them in three weeks also helps me to believe that I haven't lost my reading edge.


The two of them now get along. Woohoo!

Now they ignore the fiancee and us, though, and don't get off the bed. . .lazy kids.

Oh well. . .they just started getting along last night. And with all the people we had over the weekend, they probably got a little stressed out.


Go back to work tomorrow. Hopefully I can take my lessons to heart and don't have such a bad week.

I also hope that I can take the expecting too much with the job search lesson to heart and get some stuff done on it.

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Shaw Israel Izikson said...

in the end, your customers are only the bosses of themselves.