Thursday, January 05, 2006

DREAM: Resurrected Cats

While being brought up with my parents, we've had three cats. The first one was put to sleep because it got sick.

The second one, Mrs. Kitty, died of natural causes under our porch.

Binky was put to sleep because she got a hit by a car very late in life. She had osteoprosis, so her bones wouldn't heal, and she'd be in tons of pain. In her life, she had gotten hit three times by cars, so it's strangely fitting.

So, last night I dreamt that Mrs. Kitty came back to life, whole and everything.

Even stranger, she gets along with Binky. In real life, Mrs. Kitty couldn't stand Binky. She would hiss at Binky all the time and sometimes take swats at her.

In the dream, Binky has never died.

We have Max and Miriya around, but they're pretty mean to Binky and Mrs. Kitty. I think Binky and Mrs. Kitty form a defensive alliance against Max and Miriya.

The main crux of the dream focuses around the miracle of Mrs. Kitty rising from the dead and how happy it made me to have her back.

I wish I had the same feeling about Binky, but for some reason, in the dream, I forget that she died.

The dream really gave me some joy, though, and made waking up difficult because I could just keep going back to dream. . ..


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eelbonejack said...

I just watched the Garfield movie. interesting............