Thursday, January 26, 2006

Maintaining Happiness


I've always that we choose to be happy.

I've always chosen happiness, or so I thought.

Lately, I've learned that you don't choose happiness, you have to work at staying happy.

Darnit! Life just has to be difficult, huh?


matthias Thorn said...

i more like to believe that we can choose to practice making ourselves ready to receive joy when it comes, and that this doesn't necessarily have to be a matter of "work".

if you're working to hold onto happiness, you've already lost it!

The_Lex said...

Oh great. . .where did I put it? Sounds like I'll have to work to find it again.

Big problem is that I pretty much have everything that I want. . .except that I don't have time to work my thesis nor the time to keep the house clean nor the time to enjoy all the things that I have to make me happy.

Dang it! So that's what I need. . .time!

But I still think there's something more. In the past, I feel like I took so much more on and had a happier time doing it, and I don't think the remembrance of happiness is nostalgia.

Soon after that time, though, I started taking classes, seeing a career counseler then this job search and planning to move to Chicago. I always have this hope that once the job search and move get resolved that I can get back to the thesis, family, cats and personal growth stuff.

Until then, though, am I fated for unhappiness?