Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heroes Time(lines) and Season Finale

I completely appreciate the finale of Heroes last night, especially with the Chapter 2 act out/cliffhanger.

Nonetheless, I still find myself trying to work through the logic of the timelines, of how the original timeline was changed to the corrected one. I get the Nathan Petrelli being influenced by Claire Bennett/Petrelli, but I haven't totally bought into Nicki's involvement or even the mind reading cop's involvement in the final confrontation.

I have the feeling that it all may have something to do with details that we haven't seen or somehow saving the cheerleader really has saved the world, but I can't see how things happened in the original timeline without trying to save the cheerleader in the first place. And at the same time, the cheerleader in the original timeline (or at least the time line in which Hiro most recently traveled into the future of) WAS saved.

Emotionally, I totally got into the episode last night except for the final confrontation. I probably would have if I felt that the narrative timeline logic had been addressed. At the same time, though, knowing that Hiro will continue to be a character in the show -- and that, more than likely, Micah and can-find-anyone-just-by-thinking-about-them girlwill have something to do with future chapters -- I'm willing to give the show some leeway.

After all, we don't know, for certain, if anyone has died, not even Hana Gitelman. With that last scene of the manhole cover, Sylar could still be alive!


Tamaryn said...

Hey, I saw your post to Denis on his blog...I can help explain your confusion. Where can I email you? It'd be too long to explain in a comment.

But much of it (time lines) has to do with "string theory."

The_Lex said...

Use the contact form in the right hand corner. I just write something there, I'll reply, then you can send me the "string theory" explanation.

Is "string theory" in the quantum physics paradigm or can it fit into Newtonian/Einstein physics? If it's quantum and alternate universes popping up and coming into existence has something to do with it, I feel like Heroes may not necessarily have provided the exposition to reach that point. I should wait until I hear your explanation, though. . ..

Many years ago, a friend and I had a conversation about time travel, both "traditional" and quantum types, and how well it works in literature. I should dig that up sometime.

Thanks for stopping by, though, Tamaryn? You've had the opportunity to check out Charlie Jade, another of Denis's shows, right?