Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Weekend Ends or Does it. . .?

Haven't had time to write. . .real busy this weekend. The girl's brother has come to visit. Been a lot of hanging out and appreciating drinks and traveling and having people over for barbeques and talking and hanging out and joking. When no guests or not out, the Girl's brother and I have played a lot of Magic and just hanging out and having a good time.

Tomorrow. . .date night with the girl. . .taking some time in a hot tub. . .and Tuesday, meeting up with some people at Charlie's Kitchen for "Social Night" then the Girl and I head on out to Quebec City on Friday. Busy, busy, busy. . ..

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matthias said...

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for the invitation(s). I couldn't change my comment on e-vite when I changed my status from Maybe to No Friggin' Way, so I'm saying here: sorry I can't make it tomorrow, and next tuesday ain't looking so good either. But maybe the Tuesday after, if you're still trying to make this happen then. I've misplaced your email, so could you please send me an email (thorn at verizon dot net) so I can totally like have your email? Cuz then I could email you and stuff and that would be like so totally cool. Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!