Sunday, August 21, 2005

We Now Have a Working Home Theater!

You heard me right! We had originally bought a defective receiver. As you know to some degree, it took me 8-10 hours to put everything together and testing and trying to troubleshoot an issue that I couldn't address. The Girl and I, this morning, brought the receiver (and kept the speakers and subwoofer behind. . .those things get darn heavy and bulky) back to Best Buy after dropping by last night to talk with one of the sales guys who helped us pick out the receiver. We reviewed the problem with the guy along with everything I had done to try remedying the situation. He agreed with the Girl and at least one or two other people (a commenter to this Blog included) that we had gotten a bad receiver, and that we should bring it in to test and exchange (he advised not take in the speakers and subwoofer because of their weight and bulkiness).

So, yeah, sick of the huge hassle, we brought the receiver to the store. They would have just accepted it then given us another one. The Girl reminded me that it would have been a good idea to test the receiver, just to make sure that the problem was with the receiver, not the speakers. The tech guy and the two of us went back to the ome theater section, detached the display receiver for our model, hooked up our model then discovered that the receiver didn't work, so we made the exchange.

After a great date day, which included getting a haircut, having some way too expensive Indian food at Faneuil Hall, bought a couple used books (I got The Celestine Prophecy after having heard a ton of raves from people while also hearing plenty from other people that the writing stunk and that the ideas behind it got already covered in the past or the ideas come off as trite), read for a little bit, went to see 40 Year Old Virgin (really pretty funny and touching -- something of a combination of a guy movie and a girl movie), had some real good Thai food then came home to attach the receiver and everything works perfectly. Woohoo!


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Yea, but izzit loud?

You know what I find sad? Even the cheapest home theater kits are actually better than the sound in most movie theaters (well, a good portion of them).

Either that, or I've been to too many bad movie theaters. So, maybe its just me?

The_Lex said...

Have you been to a THX theater? Whether you have or have not, I have experienced many theaters that do have better sound than home theaters, even though they can be a lot more unsettling. . .see the Simpson's episode that parodies the THX intro at the beginning of many movies.

On a similar topic, I can start to see that the hardware for home theaters will become the big money making venture for the movie industry and that the hardware eople will become the ones who fund the productions of movies, then the production companies will disappear. We will just download these movies through our TiVos and OnDemand then get blasted into a whole new experience.

Unfortunately, though, I believe that this evolution of the future could hurt the fabric of our communities and social interactions more than movie theaters, the Internet, better hardware already at home, etc. etc. that I may not necessarily enjoy this prophesied future of mine.

Then again, never know, may actually bring people closer together by having these home theaters in bars and more social situations. Guess we may just have to see, won't we?

John...+ everything in storage... said...

Probably one of the many reasons folks don't go see flicks in theaters anymore. The sound sucks, there's trash and popcorn everywhere, and it's too dark to see if anyone's left stains on the seats.

I wouldn't mind getting some equipment to go with Julie's TV. I think it measures 32-36" but with wide screen HDTV. I do know it must weigh a helluva lot more than I do as it is CRT.