Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Home Theater Hates Me

For some reason, we can only get the center and the left rear (and that one's intermittent, depending on how we randomly and can't understand how to correctly attach the wires into the back of the receiver). Last night, went to bed at 3. Already been working on this thing for three hours, at least, just unscrewing and screwing the speaker wires in the back of the receiver. Everything else seems to be working fine.

Any tips?

And to think, I had ambitions to write some good stuff, like how some guy on the commuter rail induced me to act very morally and considerate for someone who wasn't even on the train and had forgotten their pass in my seat. . .. Oh well, stupid home theater.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

like, I can't see the bloody thing from here! draw a digram or something...what kind is it?

The_Lex said...

A diagrams of the back of the receiver:

The subwoofer and speakers are very very simple and doesn't really require a diagram. The bare ended speaker wire that goes into the receiver on one end has an end that looks like the end of a computer wire that screws into the monitor slot on the back of your computer or a serial slot or the slot for your printer (when it's not a USB) or an IDE card. On the subwoofer are five plugs for the speakers. The wires for speakers plug in real easy, not anything like the bolts and screws on the back of receiver. You can just plug in and plug out. On the back of the individual speakers are just buttons that open and close little holes that you plug in a couple bare ended wires on the other end of the easy to plug in/plug out wire. I've switch the plug in/plug outs to the center plug in/plug out on the subwoofer, so it's not the speakers, themselves, or those wires.

I've made some kind of attempt to systematically try to isolate the problem that I can't even really identify, but I'm at my wits end.

I'm going to Best Buy this afternoon after to work to try getting some tips to try minimizing human error on my part. If that doesn't help at all, I'll bring in everything (or, at least, the receiver) for them to test or exchange.

I hate lugging this type of stuff around. It's heavy and having to pack it up again. . .it's like dealing with a move except it's just a couple pieces of equipment, but it's the going back and forth and then back and forth and on and on until finally gets fixed.

The living room looks horrible with all these wires and electronic equipment everywhere. I hate it.

I really just get annoyed when technology doesn't work right when I put it together, especially when I feel like I've done nothing wrong. . .especially after plopping down my money down for it. . .. Technology is great until it breaks down. . .then things hit the fan. And the problem with electronics is that I'd love to get in there and fix the defect myself, but that requires a lot of knowledge that I don't have the time to learn and that would also probably void the warranties and such. I'll probably make an entry about this whole thing. . ..

I just like it when things work, is all. =(

Shaw Israel Izikson said...

The problem is, if you want a good stereo, there's gonna be a lot of wires and electronic equipment everywhere.

I think you should just throw the whole thing at the store you purchased it from and yell FIX THIS!

John...+ somethin' t' say... said...

That'd make a damn funny picture!

The_Lex said...

We could make it one those Quicktime movies or something. . .they've got some great ones. I remember seeing, last week, this one getting all pissed off at a Mac and just ranting and ranting about how horrible they are and how they shut down when you don't want them to and don't when you want to shut it down.