Monday, August 29, 2005

Yay for Activity

Woohoo! Another person has posted comments.

On a date night. After writing this entry, the Girl and I will go into the hot tub. Mmmmmmm. . .. If you wonder why I write on here during a date night, you probably have some good reason. How lame am I for doing so? Not such a huge deal, though. I do feel a little compulsion/obligation to keep up the habit for all types of sanity and to keep up the creative writing edge. Besides, we're both a little tired and she wants some sleep after staying up till 5 in the morning then getting up at 10 or so to bring her brother to the airport. Yeesh!

We had a very active weekend, though. Very, very active. I hadn't run around like that, saw so many people and just let go of all the stuff going on in a long while. I'm back to the day-to-day now, but it doesn't feel so bad, really. Probably has something to do with going to Quebec City at the end of the week, but the Girl's brother really brought a good time, and we got along and had a good time. . .even without her around. Getting along with her brother probably gives us a good sign for the future. . .. Honestly, though, I feel like if we lived in the same town or something, I might not have time to put toward my projects or something. He really does pack a good punch of fun.

I've been wanting to say something since Saturday night, though. The Girl, her brother, another friend and I drove on up to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire to see George Carlin live. We had some great seats with a great story (we sat down in the wrong seats, a security guy came up to us with a party of four, asked us to see our tickets, we get ourselves ready for some trouble then the guard tells us that we've sat in the wrong seats and should move up closer to the stage for some awesome seats. . .just shy of getting spit on stage. . .only real annoying part: very loud screaming girl behind me for everything that was "cool." Ugh). I had wish I had the practice of writing reviews of performances and such, but I haven't done anything like that for years. . .not for seven or eight, I'd say (believe or not, I had a column called "Partee Man" in an "alternative" 'zine called Feed in college). Anyway, I pretty much have one thing to say: I really feel amazed that people would laugh at all of the depressing and cynical stuff that Carlin would say.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the social and political commentary that Carlin made, but dang! he kept on a pretty depressing edge. Not only that, his cynicism about people. Half the material that made people laugh made me cry. I really just laughed at the little clever flip phrases that he made to lighten the mood. I guess I also felt with the commentary he made on the "stupid" stuff that people did, even though he made a disclaimer that he didn't include the people in the audience, I feel like the audience totally fit into that category. I guess, in the long run, laughing at that cynicism and that degree of screwed upness that we see in the world without even needing to exaggerate and just speaking the truth about the horribleness of it all makes me want to cry. Yes, it's satire, it's parody. . .but not having to exaggerate or to do any other kind of rhetorical trick to enhance the absurdity, I really just feel sad about the state of this country and the human condition and that most of the people in the audience probably had a "holier than thou" attitude that contributes to the depressing state of things. . ..

Then again, a psychotherapist once diagnosed me as a sensitive guy, so what do I know?