Tuesday, May 21, 2002

A Need to Learn

I seriously need to learn some more coding languages for Webpages. Every time I enter a new entry into this BLOG, I have to make a ton of additions to each page. Ugh!

Then again, I think I need to sign up to a server that will also allow me to use CGI scripts & such. I have the feeling using that kind of coding will make things easier for me & this BLOG. Or maybe I'll just outsource my CGI needs.

A Minor Epiphany

I've just realized something. I don't care incredibly much abt getting a readership for this BLOG of mine. Kinda helps, I guess, th/ it essentially comes free. The actual epiphany, however, comes from just plain understanding th/ I totally appreciate just constructing this huge beautiful BLOG site w/ a whole bunch of features & know th/ I can do something cool and constructive. When I run out of features, I'll probably just get off of getting a whole bunch of entries, thoughts, stories, rants, and rambles down & such. Just a bit text of me, or something of the sort.

I need to act selfish sometimes. I'll have this BLOG as one of those times. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! =)

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