Sunday, May 05, 2002


I feel good abt tonight. I just finished doing the dishes & cleaning the floors of my apt. I've now got a plan: take a nice relaxing bath then eat a whole bunch of carbed up & fatty foods. Otherwise, I don't know what will happen, but I don't think it particularly matters. I feel fine.


I LOVE THIS AREA! Or maybe I just love the city when I've got time & at times, money. Today and potentially yesterday, I didn't need money for the coolness th/ generally happens more often in a city than in country areas. But whatever. . .

The artists in the area got together & had free open galleries @ their homes, mostly. After church, a bunch of us walked all around the area (getting ourselves tired in the process. . .or as our minister got into saying today -- the Greater Boston area had its Walk for Hunger today -- darn! I forgot what he got into saying, but he went something along the lines of feet being tired but the spirit feeling rested or something like th/). We saw some great art and some great houses. I don't really know how to get all that indepth into what I saw, as I don't know too much abt art. This one place, though, had all this crazy stuff like books reading books, foam dragons, a gun case full of toy guns, & a bunch of other stuff like th/.

But now it's the end of the night. I feel a bit tired. I look forward to th/ bath. I hope everyone out there has something tonight like a bath to forward to.

Yay! Bad english.

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