Thursday, May 09, 2002

Change of Format

Well you'll notice something of a change. At least for this group of entries. See, things have changed a bit since I changed jobs & everything. It all has to do w/ the workstation available to me everyday & the realization th/ I don't have to use a disk to transport the entries back & forth b/w work. I can just type it up @ work -- or at least just type up a bunch of ideas th/ I get during the work day -- then e-mail the entry to myself to utilize later.

For the past cpl days I've made up a bunch of entries, but I either haven't had a chance or the motivation to code up the text & post it up here. I figure I'll just post all the entries together in one big write-up. Not sure if I'll do something w/ them later. I want to do something abt the navigation of this site sometime later. I've even gotten annoyed w/ the site when I tried to navigate around to find a topic.

But alas. . .this BLOG really comes at the end of a list of priorities. *sigh*

Fun, Fun, Fun

Last night I kicked off my four-day b-day activity celebration activifest. I went out for dinner & hung out w/ some old co-workers from a publishing company where I had temped. Things hadn't changed much, at least they give me th/ impression. Or at least nothing much has changed except for the responsibilities I left behind, so someone had to pick up them. Sorry! I had to move on w/ my life, though.

Tonight I go out to a vegan restaurant w/ some people from church. Tomorrow night I go out w/ adolescent friends to a mexican cafe/tequila bar. Then @ 7:30 Sat morning I meet up w/ someone @ the T station nearby to make a trip out to Western Mass for a meeting to plan for the sustainable farm th/ a friend of mine has dreamed about & has gathered people together to realize it. & somewhere in all this mess, I've got to do my laundry & buy groceries. Like I sd above, Fun, Fun, Fun!

SO CUTE!!!!!

This morning my alarm goes off @ 6:15, pretty much like any other weekday morning. I pretty much blocked it out of my mind for a cpl seconds as I opened my eyes. This amazing phenomena occurred b/c as I opened my eyes in reaction to the alarm, I saw a big lump of fur curled up into the other pillow, almost snuggled into my neck, or maybe I had splayed out my arm & the cat just made himself comfortable in the nook of my arm. I saw this scene, & my heart immediately warmed up everything. I wish I could wake up to something so heartwarming every morning.

Cool Radio

I've had my moments of disliking Harvard University. This dislike comes mostly from some uneducated emotional ideals, such as having something against Harvard for not giving their janitors a living wage, buying out just abt every building in Harvard Sq, then there's something th/ they don't stand as the sole organization th/ has guilt in this world for doing it: violently experimenting w/ animals to make scientific discoveries.

Nonetheless their college radio station, (95.7 WHRB (note that they also broadcast over the I-net) impresses me. Generally in the mornings they play some good jazz. All the other times of the day, they play whatever the DJ desires, wh/ can very from classical to experimental to electronica to dance to punk to metal to alternative & on & on. Most college radio stations have this kind format, so that in itself generally keeps me happy & impressed, at least if the DJs have music tastes th/ work will w/ my own.

Over the past cpl days, though, they've surpassed themselves. At least, in so much as what I've heard since I started listening over the past cpl wks. They've started broadcasting what they call a #1 Orgy. Essentially they've started playing all the songs th/ have hit #1 on the charts since 1955 to the present. I've heard lots of great stuff like a recording of an interview of the Beatle's manager talking abt how they had gotten an event going in the states the by coincidence Ed Sullivan asked them to perform on his show, an Elton John cover of a Beatle's tune th/ sounds great w/ a mellotron & everything, the dates & length of the time th/ each song had dominated the #1 position, & a bit of history behind the occasional song. For instance, the DJ told the story of how someone spliced together a song recorded separately by Barry Manilow & Barbara Streisand, then the two of them decided to do a duet & sing it toge! ther. I couldn't stand the song nor do I think much either artist, but you know, the story behind the song really made hearing it worth it.

So last I heard -- this morning, the Orgy had reached the mid to late '70s. I wonder how far they would have gotten by the time I get home from work today. But all in all, I find how the sounds & styles of music have changed over the decades really fascinating, if not completely entertaining.

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