Friday, May 24, 2002


I'll just say it involves girls. Nothing more. Even though I have the feeling th/ in a few months or a year or so, I'll feel flustered abt the whole girl thang. I just have to remember th/ they have individual personalities & histories, too.

Well thank goodness I've got Bad Mr. Tripp to help me w/ my flustered feeling. =)

& Just Something I Find Annoying

I get annoyed when 1 industry appropriates the technology & vocabulary of another industry, using it pretty for the same thing, just more specialized, for something particular; & the new industry doesn't stick to the definitions of the definitions as used b/f. It really just annoys me b/c I've had a past w/ the earlier definition & this industry just jumping on a bandwagon for its own ends goes & bastardizes a vocabulary already established. & besides, I've got my habits. . ..

An Epiphany

After writing up a rant abt the situation mentioned above, I came to a realization. It all comes down to trust and consideration. Maybe not all, but the fundamental base of good relationships come from such a strong foundation of trust & consideration. @ least I came up w/ th/ theory aft going off & off abt th/ situation.

& strangely enough, I know th/ I've got the groundwork to have th/ knowledge & understanding to myself. I tried to find out more on the Web. Aft seeing the links th/ came up, though, I knew had the beginnings of a good understanding of the whole thing. Now I just need to get more experience.

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