Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I've spent most of my free time making it so the entry links on the right work. Blaugh!


Yesterday I had one of those mornings of frustration th/ can come to me aft a long weekend or taking a cool vacation. Partly I got motivated to have my haircut yesterday b/c of my frustration.

Largely, though, I had one of those moments in wh/ I realized th/ my current situation doesn't satisfy me. Not th/ I dislike or hate my situation. I have nothing abt wh/ I find any worth to complain. I generally try not complaining, anyway, as we largely created our current presents ourselves & have by and large the biggest influence on our own fates.

Pretty much I can see something bttr th/ I want, & I don't have th/ in my current situation. The main thing I see now: me w/ a bachelor's degree. I will attain all my other visions aft I get th/ degree. As such I plan on focusing this BLOG more on the thesis th/ I need to write to graduate.

I won't get too deep into explaining the thesis, itself, since I have yet to figure out a thesis for my thesis. Argh. The subject, though: Utopian/Dystopian literature & historical communities. The historical communities all come as Utopian attempts (since I doubt anyone wants to directly create a dystopia).

To figure out exactly what I want to figure out in the end w/ all of this writing, I'll explore the themes/"meaning" behind three novels: B.F. Skinner's Walden II, Ursula K. Le Guin's The Dispossesed, and The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. I also will analyze the success/failure of 3 Utopian community attempts to see if th/ will elucidate anything. These communities include Brook Farm, a Transcendentialist community in West Roxbury during the mid-1800's; a Kibbutz in Israel during the mid-20th century (amazing how th/ can get sd); & Jackson Meadows a "hippie" commune located in south eastern VT during the late 60's to early 70's.

Also I have in mind a novel called The Lost Republic. Aft giving this BLOG the current name, I figured th/ these two endeavours have become linked in some way. As such, I decided to use this BLOG to log my progress for this thesis. I'll also probably use it to do some massive brainstorming.

I've already written the rough draft to The Handmaid's Tale and a rough draft of the prologue of The Lost Republic.

The Next Hump to Climb

I need to start writing the rough draft of the paper abt The Dispossessed. Time to just throw down some ideas: altruistic liberterianism introduced as anarchism, suffering -- we all have to bear the weight of existential suffering, working together makes it th/ much easier; a journey doesn't finish until the person on the journey returns, everyone deserves everything (all the good joyful things th/ life has to offer) but on the other hand they don't deserve anything (all the painful things th/ happen in life), society v. the individual: b/c of the existential suffering & deserving everything/nothing, every individual should have to do hard/drudgery labor while also having the ability/time to do & accomplish the things th/ they love; 2 kinds of power acts as evil: pure coercion in the form of violence & guns to oppress those th/ oppose the Powers th/ Be then there's the evil power of societal conformity -- whereas everyone should have to do drudgery for the sake of society, society shouldn't force them into only drudgery & destroying their individuality & expression & power to change/improve society/themselves; true revolution in the self & the power to know thyself & have the ability to express the self & even mold the rest of society so as to allow for th/ expression?

OK. . .inductive brainstorm done. Productive, if you ask me. I'll have to do more w/ it later. Now, though, I've got some dishes to do.

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