Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Heading Back Home Tomorrow. . .

for the weekend. My brother has his wedding on Saturday.

Also going to see some friends and getting a haircut.

We'll also bring back to a Chicago a friend moving to LA from South Africa.

Today went to a temp agency for some testing and talking with a guy.

Then I came home and catalogued some pricey trading/playing cards.

My procrastinating with the job search has gotten to annoy me. I've decided that when we get back from the weekend trip, I'll need a slight change of scenery during the day. So I'll take the laptop to one of the local cafes with free Wifi. Hopefully that will get me out of my funk.

Maybe I'll even make some friends.

But I hope you folks read some poetry today. . .

I'll work on the Objective and Work essay later. . .

Later, Gator.

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