Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Difficulty of Living Vegan: Medications

I received a letter from my pharmacist listing the active and inactive ingredients of a medication I've been taking that has majorly increased my quality of life. I could even say it has helped me become more "powerful" and able to fix the problem I have with the ingredients some day.

Essentially, the medication has gelatin to keep it in encapsulated form. The company probably doesn't need to use gelatin for it, probably just the cheapest.

BTW, I'm vegan.

In an attempt to possibly find other routes around this issue, I found the following Websites, which even if they didn't provide alternatives, presented a different way of looking at the issue for a vegan:

Using the contents of gelatin capsules

Questions about medications

Remember the depressed vegetarian

Thyroid Disorders board: HealthBoards

Grassroots Veganism with Jo Stepaniak

The above comes from the first page of links on Google, using the search string of "vegan medication".

The above links bring up two interesting themes that I may address in the future:

+ The degree of my powerlessness in the world, with needing an income, food and other things just to survive and getting all those things gets in the way of either taking up some kind of political activism or some kind of freelance writing career to inform the public


+ The importance of palliative expressions and actions in our lives, especially for people who decide to follow some degree of strict principles (even though, after watching The DaVinci Code and thoughts about evil people in the world, how valid are palliative expressions in different situations?)

But I guess I should probably address the second part of the Objective topic first.

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