Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Vagaries of the Democratic Existence


From the Windy City Times, DNC’s Dean Angers Gays. The Democrats should be pissed with him, too, for going against the party line. No wonder the country can't take them seriously these days. . .their spokesperson can't even follow the party line.


Well I've fallen into that all too easy trap of going to sleep late and not waking up until late. This type of thing happens all the time when I don't have a job or anything urgent to attend to during the day.

Tonight, I'm hoping to get to bed at somewhat of a good time (after watching LOST on the TiVo). Hoepfully that will set things straight, especially since we plan on entertaining at some point tomorrow.

Didn't get incredibly much done today, though. I just posted my information up on a creative and marketing temp agency site.

Maybe I shouldn't spend so much time in the morning eating and watching old Daily Shows and Colbert Reports.

BTW, am I the only one who didn't know that Lewis Black will be getting his own show on Comedy Central called Red State Diaries?

With this horrible predicament of staying up late and waking up late needing rectifying, I'm going to have to forgo my essay for the day. Sorry, folks. Maybe we'll strike it lucky tomorrow. . ..

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