Friday, May 19, 2006

Utopia Chewing on Grass While Studying Social Theory

Not much for excitement today. The fiancee and I spent it mostly shopping for stuff around the house and for the "kids" (Max and Miriya, the kittens). I, however:

+ Updated a couple more addresses,

+ Applied for short term health insurance,

+ Saw some quotes for dental insurance,

+ Re-connected with a property and casualty insurance agent that sounds decent, even if they're working under the assumption that I just won't lower premium and not necessarily a good company,

+ Just sent an e-mail to follow up on some contract work that applied for last week, received a reply but didn't receive another reply from the original follow up on their first reply,

+ Found some more good Internet radio stations over at,

+ Discovered a book or two at that could provide me with some good meat for my college project once I can get back to it after getting a good job,

+ Found a couple good articles about grasses and the dietary/health uses for it, especially with cats:
o Arrhenatherum
o Wheat Grass for Cats

+ Learned about a couple social theorists that focused on social movements and IDENTITY, [social] BOUNDARIES and SOCIAL TIES:
o Charles Tilly's Change Theory
o Charle's Tilly at Wikipedia
o Major Works of Charles Tilly
o Sidney Tarrow at Wikipedia


I had something of a wake up call when it comes to the utopian diversity I've felt in Chicago. While reading the job message boards at the Chicago Craigslist, I came across someone's posting about potential discrimination against them as a Jew from someone who might be an Arab at a job interview. Nothing substantiated and I don't know the particular Jewish person, but I guess there's some atmosphere of prejudice, at least in the form of behavior expectation.

Still, it's a step up from Boston somewhat. Different ethnicities have a better chance of running into each other, here in Chicago. Generally more effort has to be put into such diverse exposure in Boston.


A part of me tells me that I've gotten a fair amount done in the last 12 or 13 hours. Another internal voice of mine tells me that I shouldn't put so much faith in one book or one theorist providing me with the answers that I need for my college project.

Oh well, another day has passed and good things have happened. I'm happy enough about that fact.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Any blues concerts yet?

The_Lex said...

Sorry. 'fraid not.

Did have a blues riff going through my head last night, though.