Friday, April 21, 2006

Things Pile Up: T-8 Days to Relocation

Had an interesting conversation today. It centered around the move to Chicago and the slump that I've felt for awhile now.

I don't really know when the slump started, even though some thought leads me to thinking that it started about two years ago. . .around the time that we moved into our current apartment.

The fiancee and our dinner companion for the night made an interesting observation that even just the idea of a move and impermaneance can make it real in the mind. Having this idea in my head, I subconsciously gathered together anxiety, which lead me to stressing about all these big changes that WOULD happen in a year or so instead of having my thoughts on something in the present.

Kind of annoying that I fell into such an ugly trap. I guess it's a part of being human, though.

Oh well. Best I can do is deal with it and move on, I guess.

Funny that I'm saying "guess" a lot. Wonder if that means anything.


Sometimes I reflect upon sitcoms, serial shows, etc. etc. Do things just NOT happen between episodes. Does day to day life happen without any interesting incident or does anything interesting happen between the episodes?

How modern or postmodern. . .I don't even know if that kind of question falls into the modern or postmodern category.

Such silly ruminations.

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