Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Not Taking the Time to Think

With the help of a career counsellor and a couples counsellor over the span of a year or so, I've gathered that I don't sit down, think and prepare for big things like meetings, job interviews, dates and the such.

Apparently to get what I want out of them, I've got to sit down, think and prepare for them.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Anonymous said...

Naww, man, you don't have to do all that! It's all about the confidence that comes with practice. I've found, with job interviews, when I go to ones I either don't want or think I won't get, I do best at. Go figure.

The_Lex said...

So maybe I just need to talk my subconscious up and program it with confidence. In other words, self-affirm it. Supposedly, the subconscious, or our implicit thinking that we're not consciously aware of, have a stronger influence over our behavior than I've been led to believe.

What a jerk!