Sunday, April 23, 2006

It Comes Closer: T-6 Days Until Relocation


I've decided to stick with Magic and not sell my cards. . .except for the ones I already sold to someone. I don't regret selling them, though.

As for not fulfilling a couple e-mail deals I made with a couple people, I regret not being able to fulfill those.

For now, though, I won't play or construct any decks. I will just catalog and price them. While doing so over the last couple days to market them, I refreshed my memory about some cards and saw some cool tricks that other ones could do.

Very possibly, I simply got frustrated by not having familiarity with my cards, also not having fun playing the same old decks that I had put together and not really having the time or resource to put together other interesting decks. I just kept working on the old decks. . .which got boring after awhile, I guess.


I've picked my groom's party. If you want to know who I've picked, you'll have to get in touch with me personally. This Blog is not privy to that particular information.


Last night, went out for Ethiopian food at Addis Red Sea in the South End and The Last Hurrah in a hotel downtown next to the Common.

It felt very much like rehearsal for all the wedding stuff that will happen in a little more than year, all the loud noise, not getting to talk much with the fiancee and not really having any indepth, good conversations with people.

I hope the rest of my relations with people happen like this after I get married.

The fiancee and some of the other people in the roving party last night surprised me with gifts and having the wait staff sing happy birthday accompanied by African drums. Fun stuff, even though another friend almost spoiled the whole surprise. Bad friend, bad. . . (BTW, when do you want me to come over tomorrow?).

I still enjoyed the night and all the brief conversations I had with people, though.


I think I packed a little yesterday, but I'm totally sure. The day went by in a little bit of a blur. Maybe that happened because the fiancee and I got up kind of late.

Oh right. . .yesterday was mostly about getting rid of my credit card debt and addressing my financial errands and last paycheck until I find my next job.

Got up at a better time this morning. Did some errands done that I should've done months ago, like packing up Holiday gifts to people (and yes, holiday. . .one of the friends is Jewish).

Also had to do some troubleshooting with Microsoft Office. Something about one of the recent update patches screwing around with the compatibility of Office and my HP hardware drivers. Dummies dumping this work on me. . ..

Typed up an outline for my BA project with a couple additions to take into account my thinking over the last couple days. Reminds me. . .I really need to call my sponsor to let them know that I only tried to contact the head of advising to figure out a logistical issue, not any real crisis. . .even if I had a small doubt crisis going on at the time. I didn't want them to know about it. . ..

But after all the errands and chores, I did some amount of packing. Two or three boxes, pretty good compared to my one or two boxes a day in the past. Need to get a real move on during the next couple days, though. "D-Day" comes soon.


I really do think that the unconscious thinking of all the stuff that needed to get done with this move over the last couple years really did take its toll out on me and encouraged me to worry and procrastinate more than needed or reasonable.

And made it hard for me to ruminate, which I'm still finding difficult. Darn it.

Oh well, I will get back. I must. It's a part of me.

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