Thursday, April 27, 2006

Taking a Much Needed Break: T-3 Days Until Relocation

Taking a late night break from packing.

We've got about 100 boxes of stuff stacked up all over this 1200 sq. ft. apartment. Plenty of furniture packed away in the sun room for a charitable organization to take away on Friday.

The movers come tomorrow to pick up the boxes and the small amount of furniture that we'll take with us to Chicago.

This place looks very white and has quite an echo.

I'm ambivalent about the next few surreal days, either. Seeing a cardiologist, not really having a stable Internet connection, getting stuff to people, retrieving stuff, attending a memorial service for the deceased mother of a couple friends, going to a bachelor party then heading cross country in a car.

A good day will arrive when we reach a Chicago suburban hotel for a couple weeks than a great day will occur when we finally get into an apartment in Chicago that we hope to inhabit for awhile.

Then when I get a job. . ..

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