Saturday, February 11, 2006

Unknown Goodness

I feel good today.

I can't pin down why. I've gotten more exercise than usual (skating on the Frog Pond in the Boston Common), I've made sure to have some starch goodness in the morning, I started taking Strattera for the ADHD study I'm taking part in, last week I started taking these protein/vitamin shakes then mid-week started putting peppermint flavoring in it because it tastes horrible without it, got plenty of sleep with some good quality time with the fiancee the last couple nights then today, we've decided to celebrate Valentine's Day instead of on the weekday that it's scheduled.

Normally, I would try to isolate what's helping me feel good or figure what part of the equation deserves what credit. I'm thinking right now, though, just go with it. . .keep doing what you're doing it and enjoy the ride.

I don't want to overload the new things in my life at the moment, however, so as to skew any results for the study. Hopefully they have ways to take into account that kind of margin. Then again, I guess I'm not necessarily a typical person.

For instance, one side of my heart might be bigger than the other. . ..

But I should start getting ready for dinner at the Morroccan restaurant. After a little more than three years, we finally will make it to a Morroccan restaurant with belly dancing. Woohoo!

I have a feeling that the restaurant will beat down the raw food buffet we went to last year. Horrible. . ..

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