Thursday, February 09, 2006

Intrigue and Human Drama in the 3 Known Parallel Universes

I just finished watching the first season of Charlie Jade. It's really one of the best genre show I've seen since Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Farscape.

I felt bad after the cancellation of Farscape and especially after Angel, thinking it was the last great genre show on TV. Lost came along, and I felt satisfied a little, but Charlie Jade drew me so much more effectively than Lost. The show got me to care about the characters, second guess other ones and even shed a tear in a way that I haven't since the heart touching scenes between John Crichton and Aeryn Sun.

We need to get this stuff into the States!


June said...

Did you rent that through Netflix? I can't find it!!

The_Lex said...

You can only get it in the US by illicit means. They've shown the whole season in Canada, have just started showing it in South Africa and are probably in all sorts of stages elsewhere in the world.

We need to campaign to bring Charlie Jade to the US!