Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dream Stabbings

Before waking up this morning, I had a dream. A part where I input "Forced to Write" into the search engine sticks in my memory.

This morning, I did just that and found some interesting entries. When I get my finances back together after this past weekend of planning and throwing a big party, I'll have to purchase one or two of the results from that entry. Hopefully they'll help me to structure my writing process better for my current thesis project and future projects.


Yesterday at work, I stabbed myself in my left thumb and hand with a screwdriver while taking apart something.

It has healed pretty nicely by now, but it looked pretty bad soon after, even though it didn't bleed right away. It also hurts a little when I put pressure on the cuts.

But oh well. . .I didn't have to call on worker's comp or anything. Such is life.

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