Friday, December 02, 2005

Missing: The Lex

Last night, technology got me to disappear again. The new router came in the mail yesterday (did I mention that I had problems with the previous one, and I started the warranty process over the weekend?). I took a couple hours to make it work, learn a couple new things about the cable modem and wireless networks then troubleshoot some problems. Now it works swimmingly, though.

The other night, I felt way too tired to blog. That day, I had taken another insurance class in Framingham. I stressed out about being late and felt generally miserable. Fortunately, I got to bed at a good time.

Right. I also played some Magic that night and watched Lost then went to bed because I felt like crap. I've got my priorities, after all.

After a conversation about commercials and advertising that night after playing Magic, I've started asking people if they feel susceptible to advertising? Does advertising persuade you to buy a particular product or does advertising persuade them to "buy into" our materisalistic and consumerist society?

I've gotten a lot of interesting answers so far. Nothing totally solid to put together, but interesting, nonetheless. I don't know how seriously I will take this research project, but it provides for some interesting conversation and knowledge, at the least.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

I never played magic nor have I ever watched lost, which I guess makes me uncool :(

The_Lex said...

Not watching Lost works against you, I think. It's one of the most popular shows out there now. Very Twin Peakish. At the party last night, we had a good half hour discussion about it.

As for Magic, don't worry about that one. I think playing it works as a small tick against my cool factor.